Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Past Tense

o make the negative, use "did" + "not" (didn't) + the main verb in the simple form:
I did not learn
We did not learn
You did not learn
You did not learn
He did not learn
They did not learn
She did not learn
It did not learn

Irregular Verb: Have
Subject + ________
(irregular verbs take many different forms in the past tense)
I had
We had
You had
You had
He had
They had
She had
It had

Irregular verbs must be memorized because they change their form completely. Click here for a list of commonly used irregular verbs, print it out, and commit them to memory.

The Past Tense describes the things you did yesterday, last year, back in February, in 1973, or an hour ago.
Regular verbs, such as learn, take an "ed" ending after the subject.
work---worked, learn---learned, visit---visited
Irregular verbs change their form entirely or not at all.
eat---ate, go---went, be---was/were, hit---hit, cut---cut
The form of the past tense is not dependent on the subject. See the example below:
write by hand
Regular Verb - work:
I worked yesterday.
Irregular Verb - eat:
I ate breakfast earlier.
Regular Verb - work:
You worked yesterday.
Irregular Verb - eat:
You ate breakfast earlier.
Regular Verb
office worker
He worked yesterday.
Irregular Verb:
He ate breakfast earlier.
Regular Verb
English student
She worked yesterday.
Irregular Verb:
She ate lunch an hour ago.
Regular Verb - like:
The cat liked her food.
Irregular Verb - eat:
She ate her food.
Regular Verb - arrive:
   pic  I + you = we student
We arrived on time.
Irregular Verb - be:
We were on time.
Regular Verb - share:
You shared a milkshake.
Irregular Verb - have:
You had a nice lunch.
Regular Verb - visit:
Learn English
They visited the beach.
Irregular Verb - go / eat:
They went to the beach and ate popsicles.


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