Saturday, 8 December 2012

Simple Present Tense

1A. Explanation

The simple present tense takes one of two forms depending on the subject.
I, you
They, We
Plural nouns
He, She, It
Singular nouns
Non count-nouns

base form

-s form

1B. Examples

Subjects followed by verb in base form:
I like rice.
You look nice.
They think twice.
We throw dice.
Chefs use spice.
The boys ring the doorbell.
Children sing on special occasions.
Some people bring gifts to parties.
Bees sting when they are disturbed.

Subjects with verb in ?s form:
She makes toys.
He rakes leaves.
It takes time.
Mom bakes pies.
Water slakes thirst.
Jill loves dates.
Mr. Smith fills crates.
Grandpa washes plates.
The dog jumps gates.

1C. Exercises

    1. Jerry (come/comes) to school on time.
    2. Jerry and Linda (come/comes) to school on time.
    3. Ms. Jones (teach/teaches) geography.
    4. The cat (sleep/sleeps) on the sofa every day.
    5. Milk (cost/costs) two dollars a quart.

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